Monday, October 1, 2012

The Message in the Manna~Day 1 {Make. It. Count.}

Can you even begin to imagine what it must have been like to have been an Israelite on the way to the Promise Land?

Miracle after miracle.

Deliverance after deliverance.

And, each day a fresh supply of manna.

I have to say, to me, one of the most amazing aspects of the entire Exodus story,
beyond the plagues,
beyond Pharaoh finally letting His people go,
beyond the parting of the Red Sea,
beyond the people and their complaining and God and His unending patience ,
is the message in the manna.

God was faithful to provide this heavenly bread each and every morning, and yet, His supply was just enough for the day at hand. (Unless, it was Friday.  On this, the eve before the Sabbath, God would give a double portion and amazingly, manna which had an expiration date of "today", lasted for two days.)

Living today as if it were my last...
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Just like manna, we have been given today. 

But, here's the sobering,
amazing thing about today.

It is only good for . . . today.

Today only lasts for . . . today.

After today, today will become yesterday.

I am so excited you have joined me for "Make. It. Count."  I have to tell you, I am just as excited as you to see where God is going to take us and where we will end up at the end of the month.  You may have assumed our journey  is all mapped out, with each day of this series already sketched out and near completion.


Like Manna, when I sit at my keyboard and let God speak through my fingers, He is faithful to supply me with words, but...only for today. Every single time I try to "write ahead", I come up empty.  Each day, I must seek my father for a new supply.  Every day, He invites me to come before Him, with hands and heart open, needing, asking, and receiving.

Like the children of Israel,
each day,
you and I step out into a wilderness experience with our Lord.

No doubt, the God who was so evident in the lives of these sojourners, shows up in our life, too.
If we will take the time to notice, you and I will see God's hand moving in our own life.
Every single moment, if we are paying attention, (and sometimes, even if we aren't)
we will see God at work in the simple, ordinary events of our day.

Don't miss Him.  Don't miss the moment.

It is obvious our Heavenly Father treasures the gift of today.

It is more than apparent He is in "the moment".

It is undeniable truth that God works in the "now". 

Don't lag behind,  Don't run ahead. 

this moment
is where we find God.

God is in our today.
God is present in the moment.
God wants to do something amazing,
every single moment of our day,
every. single. day.

Because, you see  - - -

With God in our life, each moment  is precious. 
With God working in us and through us,
each moment is filled to overflowing with
                  and possibility and
                                      the God-given power for you and I to make a difference in our world.

What is it God would have you do - - - TODAY?

How will God use you,
not tomorrow,
not next year,
not down the road,
but TODAY?

This is where our journey begins. 

You and I must first learn to seek God in the moment.
We must come to see His hand moving in the "ordinary" of our day,
all the while realizing and understanding God is calling us to do the extraordinary.

It is as simple and as mind-blowing as that.

feeding on God's word,
receiving of His hand,
acknowleding His presence,
following His lead,
being His hands and feet,
fulfill your God-given destiny for today.

The is the message in the manna.
This is where our journey begins...each and every day.

make. it. count.

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  1. Wonderful post!

    Learning to seek God in the moment and appreciate the daily manna...


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