Saturday, August 11, 2012

It Starts With a Ripple~ Day 11 (31 Days of Wisdom)

One little pebble.

     Then, one tiny ripple.

           Followed by a small little ripple.

                   Then a medium size one.

                             Outdone by a semi-large one.

                                           Overtaken by a huge one.

Constructive Interference
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One tiny pebble, and yet the impact of this stone has far-reaching affects.

One tiny Christian,

         in a family,

              sharing a neighborhood,

                 associating with co-workers,

                       belonging to a city,

                                which is part of a state,

                                       within the borders of a country,

                                             existing on a planet in the universe,

                                                   building up God's Kingdom.

One tiny Christian, and yet the impact of your life has far-reaching affects.

You already know what I'm going to ask next, don't you?

The question has already barged its way into your heart.

So....what is your answer?

As I prayerfully studied Proverbs 11, two verses kept jumping out at me.

By the blessing of the influence of the upright and God's favor [because of them] the city is exalted.
~ Proverbs 11:11a, Amplified

The fruit that godly people bear is like a tree of life.
~ Proverbs 11:30, NIRV

Each of us is only one small speck on this terrestrial ball called Earth, and yet

as a Child of God,

 as a follower of Christ,

as a disciple of our Lord Jesus,

we should be having a tremendous, POSITIVE, influence on the world around us.

Now, before you start feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, let me remind you,

it starts with a ripple.

Just the other day, I slowed to a stop at an intersection. As I waited for the light to turn green, it became apparent the elderly driver in the lane next to me was having "technical difficulties". By the look of anxiety on his face, and the repeating sound of a starter that refused to start, it was obvious this gentleman needed some help.

So, I prayed.

"Lord, please help this man. Help his car to start so he can move safely out of this intersection and reach his destination."

The man, who had given the starter a rest, now leaned forward, tried again, and viola, the car started on the first try.

His smile.

I cannot begin to tell you how his smile made me feel.

Now, I'm not saying it was my prayer that turned this situation around. It is possible he, himself, had been praying, too. But, in that moment, God did reveal to me my importance in this world.

A prayer here.

A kind deed there.

A word of hope, encouragement and a hug.

An honest transaction.

A hospitable gesture.

A donation of clothes, time, or talents.

A smile.

All of these impact our world.

Remember the words from Proverbs ll:30?

The fruit that godly people bear is like a tree of life.
~ Proverbs 11:30, NIRV

All around us people are dying for a lack of Godly knowledge.

Everywhere you look, people are in need of fruit from God's tree of life.

That is why you and I are here.

That is why we were created.

Our tiny life, when placed in the hand of the God of the universe, has the ability to have a far-reaching affect.

And, it all starts with a ripple~

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke 

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