Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Interruption? Or An Invitation~ Day 16 (31 Days of Wisdom)

The other day, a buy-one-get-one free coupon found me in line at Quiznos.

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In front of me, three teenagers, all at the beck and call of their cell phones. Conversation, ordering, purchasing - all interrupted by a small hand held device. No matter what they were doing, no matter what might be happening around them, when their phone jingled, beeped or vibrated they stopped everything and gave it their full attention.

As I observed their "dedication", I thought about my own dedication to God.

Am I THAT connected to God?

Am I truly at God's beck and call?

Do I allow God to interrupt my life whenever His Spirit calls?

We fill our day planner, circle dates on our calendar and map out our days. We have our agenda, our to do list, our plan of action. When the alarm sounds, we step out of bed and then step to the beat of what we have orchestrated for the day ahead.

No time for prayer. (unless we've penciled it in)

No time for devotions. (unless we've added it to our list)

No time to be still.

No time to help a person in need.

No time to listen to a heavy heart.

No time to write a note of encouragement.

No time to wipe a tear, give a hug, share some hope.

No, siree. We have our plan and we are sticking to it.

No "interruptions" allowed. (at least not without resentment, bitterness or some level of frustration.)

As I read Proverbs 16, God spoke to me about "my" plans.

1 We can make our own plans,
but the LORD gives the right answer.

9 We can make our plans,
but the LORD determines our steps.


We make them every day.
while making a plan is not unwise,
making a plan without the direction and guidance of the Lord is.

Plans keep us on task, keep goals ever in front of us, and make our day run more smoothly.
while following through on our plan is not unwise,
following through on our plan instead of detouring to accomplish God's plan is.

What we often view as an unwanted interruption is often

a Holy invitation,
an opportunity for God to use us to bless someone else, a chance for God to bless us~

a Divine intervention,
an opportunity for God to keep us safe, a chance to direct us to a new and better way~

We should always be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We should always be willing to allow God to interrupt our day with HIS plans.

From the moment we awake,
we should be at God's beck and call,
willing to stop what we're doing,
ready to answer the call to do HIS bidding.

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When God calls, will you answer?

When God interrupts your day, will you respond?

Are you willing to allow God's voice to direct your steps?

Wisdom answers yes.


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