Monday, August 13, 2012

A Dream on Fire~ Day 13 (31 Days of Wisdom)

Sitting by the fire, watching the flames dance, I find myself once again face to face with the same question.

You really want to use ME, Lord?

At this, I'm sure the Lord must simply shake his head from side to side and grin. After all, this isn't the first time He's been asked this question.




I'm in pretty good company. No doubt about me belonging to the "Doubters are We" club. I'm in.

But, I have to ask.

Because, I have to know......again.

Am I the one dreaming this dream, Father, or is it you speaking it to my heart?

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The fire snaps and crackles and a smile plays at the corner of my heart. I want to believe. I do. I want to dream this dream. I want to LIVE this dream.

So, the question comes (again!)

Because I want to be sure (again!)

How I wish I knew this was God's dream for my life.

How I wish I knew the voice tugging at my heart was HIS.

I place another log on the fire and remember what my husband told me years ago. "One log by itself will slowly go out, but two logs together will burn until they are both consumed by the fire."

Could it be, Lord?

It is possible....just maybe....that this dream is OUR dream?

That the reason I can't tell where YOUR voice starts and mine ends is
because our voices are intertwined,
partners in what is yet to be?
That YOU and I are united in our vision,
joined together in our will,

I gaze at the fire and wonder.....

            how a lifeless piece of wood can produce a flame,
           vibrant orange, golden yellow and at times the most beautiful shade of blue.

           how an old log, with no heat of it's own, can warm me,
           beyond skin deep, down to my bones and marrow.

Is this YOUR dream for me? Is it time to live the dream, Lord?

The answer is waiting in Proverbs 13 (NLT), verses 12 and 19 to be exact.
The exact month and day, when 46 years ago, I took my first breath on December 19th, 1965.

12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

19 It is pleasant to see dreams come true. ~Proverbs 13:19

Consume me, Lord.
Fill me with your Spirit and use me.
Give life to this dream and burn through me
to color this world with the beauty of who you are,
to melt hardened hearts and warm cold souls.
May we together,
light this world with the light of YOU~

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  1. LOVE this post about dreams...and living out HIS dreams for us, His calling on our lives. And about sometimes being unsure, but then trusting that the longing of our heart, the longing that just won't ever go away, is indeed HIS dream for us. Happy pursuing your dream! That's just what me and my new husband {married a year last month!!} are doing. HE is the Dream Giver, the Dream Maker and I believe it blesses HIS heart when we follow ours! God bless you, Stacy.


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