Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fruitfully Abiding~

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  1. Yes, without Him I am rubbish. That picture is cool. Happy Sabbath to you.

  2. Love the purple and the scripture. Have a blessed Sunday

  3. Found you via Deidra's Sunday community. Would love to have you join in next week's True Vine Challenge. Take a look at the post from earlier today:

  4. Such a needed verse, Stacy. Thanks.

  5. Coming over from Deidras and love the photo a bible verse. Well done!

  6. Others have said similar verses, shown photos... must be hitting our present day needs for our hearts and minds.

  7. This Scripture is one of my favourites, for many reasons. One of them being when I teenager I stopped going to church. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I returned. The service was an in-depth talk about John 15, which really gripped my heartstrings. I am hooked on Jesus, I am nothing without Him. I'm so grateful and glad He loves me, and guides me everyday.

    Your photograph is magnificent; such vibrant colours!

    May your day be blessed.

    Keep growing and glowing for God! Love, Kerrie (aka KC)


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