Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lest We Forget~

Have you ever heard a prayer need,
promised to pray,
and then,
never gave the request another thought,
much less,
whispered a prayer heavenward?

I have.  (And yes, I am ashamed to admit it.)


An opportunity to

   stand in the gap,

       seek wisdom,

          bear a burden,

                share a sorrow,

                     uphold the weary.

And yet, praying for others is something we sometimes simply forget to do.
(Ouch...I know.  I feel it, too.)

This past week, I was given this beautiful bracelet.  Enclosed with this precious gift was the following note:

Jewelry 4 Tara

This jewelry is made in honor of my daughter Tara who suffers from a traumatic brain injury.  Each piece of jewelry will have Tara's birthstone: an Amethyst, and a pearl, the one gem made through pain and discomfort.

Please remember Tara and say a small prayer for her each time you wear this jewelry.

Each morning this week, as I proudly placed this precious prayer reminder on my wrist, I prayed for Tara. 

But, it didn't stop there.  (And yes, I am happy to admit it.)

As I went about my day,
spotting it on my wrist,
hearing the angel that dangles from it brush up against my laptop,
or receiving a compliment about its beauty from a co-worker,
reminded me to stop and say yet another prayer. 

Right then.

Right there.

Right now.

All. day. long.

A visible reminder.
Something tangible to keep this need in the forefront of my mind
and a prayer on the tip of my tongue.

A beautiful invitation to come boldly before the throne of grace on someone else's behalf.

Who is in desperate need of prayers spoken by you?

How will you remember?

What can you place before you as a constant reminder?

What will stop you in your tracks
sending you from the busyness of your day to the throne room of Heaven?

Lord, help us to be faithful. We long to honor our promises to pray. 
May we be intentional and seek out reminders,
reminders that bend our knees downward
and lift our pleas heavenward,

lest we forget.~

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  1. what a wonderful post! my name, peggy, means "pearl" and i like how you said it is a gem made through pain and discomfort. maybe i should start wearing a pearl bracelet to remind me to pray for those in pain and discomfort. thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stacy, Tara's mother is very creative in the way she is encouraging people to pray for her daughter! I have a little prayer notebook and I put Tara's name down. I will pray for her when I go to mass in the mornings. It's easy to remember because during mass there is a portion where we raise our intercessions to the Lord. May the God of the impossible give Tara a miracle! Patsy from

  3. Stacy, what a beautiful reminder about how quickly we agree to pray and then forget. I like the way Tara's mother has approached prayer requests for her daughter. And I thank you for sharing this with us so that we too can pray for Tara too.

  4. This is great, Stacy!! (Maybe I should find me one of those!) I have definitely said I would pray for someone then forgot-- but this year, I started keeping a prayer list on my iPad (a nifty little app that I love.) Now I turn to it everyday to pray for people-- then it helps me to remember to follow up and see how God is working in their lives as well. Blessings sister!

  5. Convicting post! So often we have the best intentions to pray for someone, only to become distracted and forget. Prayer is such an awesome privilege -- may we not neglect the Throne Room of His grace.
    God bless you.

  6. I've thought about this before and I tried my best to at least say a quick prayer right as I write that I'm praying. My difficulty is giving specific time to prayer each day. Like the others, my intentions are good, but I really need to make more of an effort to write it down. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you for this posting. Conviction is God's reminder to remember to do as He has asked us to do or to do what we have promised to do. Prayer on request is so simple to agree to do and yet as you say in our busy lives, our own "stuff" we sometimes don't honor our agreement. Yet if we need prayer we quickly ask for it from our friends, spiritual leaders, etc. We ask yet do we give? I know that we have to stand in the gap of our fellow people especially those who have asked us to. I pray that each of us carries your words in our hearts and that we wear the braclete of reminder in our souls.
    Bless you for your words

  8. What a lovely idea!! I'm going to look for something tangible that I can remind myself to pray...


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