Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Story of My Life~ {Heartprint Hallelujahs Link Up}

If I was the one writing the story of my life, it would be nothing outside of

"the usual"




I know this to be true because this is how I have lived most of my life. When I was the one calling all the shots, I played it safe, IF, I played it at all.

No rocking of the boat here.

No living out on the edge.

No stepping out or stepping into.


Just.....ordinary living.

But then....

I placed my life in HIS hands.

I turned the pen over to my Creator,

Special Pen!
{Photo Credit}

now HE is the author of my story-

Sentence after sentence, chapter after chapter, HE is unfolding a brand new life.

A life that is anything BUT mediocre, common place, or ordinary.

Now, I am

walking by faith,

boldly going where this girl has never gone before,

taking leaps of faith,

seeing God everywhere I look,





Don't get me wrong.

My life isn't all roses and sunshine.

Some pages of my story are covered in teardrops and smudges,


even in these times, my response is no longer ordinary.

I can walk through these chapters because I know HIS hand is in it.

I now



and hope,

because my God will bring purpose in the midst of the pain.

And the best part of all,

the part that keeps me flipping pages and venturing onward,

is this:

when I turn the last page of my story and find myself gazing upon

"the end"

for me, it will be just the beginning.

Life eternal,

Life extraordinaire.

Face to face,

with the author of my life story.

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  1. Hi Stacy!! So needed to read this today!! This part REALLY stuck out to me: my God will bring purpose in the midst of the pain. Purpose from the pain, makes it all seem worth what I"m going through knowing God DOES have a purpose. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  2. Stacy, thanks for a stunning reminder of God's role in our lives, His purpose, His will.

  3. God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things in His Name! Praise God that we are a new creation in Him! Thanks for the great post!

  4. We wonder how God can use such a "normal" just an ordinary person, but He does not ask us to be anything except ourselves. To Him we are special and He knows that where he sends us we will fit in just fine.


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