Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Smile From God~

Several months ago, I was having one of "those" mornings. You know the kind of morning I'm talking about; the kind where nothing seems to go right and everything seems to go wrong.

As the morning progressed, I felt myself becoming more and more uptight! Every task was more difficult than normal, was taking longer than normal, and was making me feel an abnormal amount of pressure. Pressure to make things happen! Pressure to get things done! Pressure to beat the clock! Pressure to stay in peace!

As I sensed my stress-level rising, I started fighting back with prayer.

"Lord, please help me. This day is barely starting and I am already feeling stressed out!"

Then, praise.

I turned on my radio to my favorite Christian station and starting singing along.

While I prayed and sang, my plan to get dressed and out the door kept going awry. But, I kept right on praying and right on praising.

Finally, I was ready! In a flash, I grabbed my purse, picked up my keys, headed out the front door, and raced to my car. As I tried to unlock my door, I dropped my keys. Ughh!!! Evidently, my bad morning had every intention of following me to work.

But.......then. As I reached down to pick up my keys, I saw this on our driveway.

A "smiley" face...
made up of leaves, twigs and seeds from a nearby tree, all of which had "strategically" landed on my driveway in this configuration!!!  Right at the very spot where I dropped by keys!!!!

Isn't that amazing!!!!!

God had been faithful to hear my prayers for help. He had heard my melody of praise. As I stood on my driveway, gazing at this exquisite work of art, I suddenly found myself smiling, too!

Isn't our God altogether lovely? Isn't He beautiful beyond our comprehension?

Not only did God use His creation to create this smile to cheer my heart, He also took this opportunity to lovingly remind me to stop and smell the roses; to enjoy my life, every single moment of it, no matter what might be happening at the time. This work of art captured my heart and once again focused my attention on what mattered most!

No longer worried about the morning rush, I headed back inside to get my camera. Work could wait. God had created a masterpiece with me in mind. This was a moment I would never forget. This was a moment made for worshipping.

Today, are you allowing the pressures of this world to take your eyes, your mind, your focus off all that matters most? If so, may I invite you to take another look at this photo. All of nature reflects the beauty of the Lord. Today, why not focus on the beauty God has placed in your path?

The same artist who lovingly crafted this reminder for me is at work in your life too. Portraits of His love are all around. Today, don't become so earthly minded that you fail to see Heavenly glimpses of God's love for you. Open your eyes. God is smiling on you, too!

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

(Re-posting from September 8, 2010)

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