Monday, May 7, 2012

The Scent of Joy~

It happens to me quite often.

I step into a dressing room, or out into a hallway, or pass through a room
and there it is: the scent of a woman who was once here, but has since passed on. The only evidence of her having been in this very place is the scent she left behind.

Yes, it's true. Perfume-laden women step out of dressing rooms, walk through hallways and pass through rooms all the time. But, only a few permeate the air, leaving it sweetened just for their having been there.

As a young girl, I longed to leave my scent behind. When others walked into a room, I wanted them to know I had been there because the room was still sweetly fragrant even though I was no longer there.

I scoured perfume counters and experimented with liquid concoctions, but this treasure remained buried, locked away, impossible to find.

Now, many years later, I continue my search. Only now the treasure I pursue is joy.

It happens to others quite often.

I step into a hospital room, or walk through the doors of a funeral home, or pass through some other heartbreaking tragedy and there it is: the unmistakable scent of joy in the lives of those left behind when that which has once brought happiness has passed on.

And I search for it in my own life;

this joy that stays when everything and everyone else has passed on, leaving my heart alone, empty.

And I'm starting to see, like the perfume, this fragrance, this scent of joy cannot be purchased, or bought or even found.

It is a gift.

A precious gift from God.

The joy of the Lord.

A joy that defies logic and comes in when all else is going out.

A joy that permeates the heart with strength, endurance and a confident hope.

A joy that proves the Lord is still there long after His blessings seem to have passed on -

Scented Geranium Interior
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the unmistakable scent of

J O Y ~

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  1. Stacy, once again you've written something so lovely and touched my heart with your words. I know that scent you search for . . . my mom left it behind, as did many other women. But, you're right, we can't purchase it . . . it's a gift.

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