Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Road Again~

I have been having such a wonderful time in Colorado visiting my sister and her family! Yesterday, my mom arrived and the times just keep getting better!

 We have enjoyed some trips to the mall,
 some laughs (hopin' for a whole lot more)
 and some fine Mexican food (more of that too!)

road trip
{Photo Credit}
Tomorrow, we head out on our road trip across America to see more family.
Well, actually, we are just traveling to Oklahoma, but it will feel as though we have explored the whole USA!

I want to welcome all my new readers and let everyone know I will be posting a little less frequently over the next week or so.

Family is such a treasure.  I want to focus on them and just enjoy our time together. :)

For those of you who stopped by today in hopes of sharing your wonderful post as part of the "Heartprint Hallelujahs Link Up", please make plans to join us here again May 31st.

Blessings of love, joy and peace~
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  1. Enjoy your family time!! It is so precious!! Many blessings and hugs!!

  2. May you have a blessed vacation, wonderful times with family, and times of refreshment!
    God bless,


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