Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Matter What~

It was one of those slow motion moments. The kind that happen in a second, yet seem to defy time and render you powerless to do anything to change the outcome.

You know.  The child seated precariously on a chair. You reach and you try, and even though it all happens so slowly, it an instant you are scooping up and wiping tears.

The slip on the patch of ice you didn't see. As soon as your foot leaves the ground you know you're going down, and yet time seems to warp into eternity, as you wait for the impact.

Sometimes life hits us before we even know what's happening. 
In a matter of seconds,
that feel a lifetime long,
we stumble and try hard not to fall.
We watch as all that is precious to us shatters into a million pieces right before our very eyes.

broken glass
{Photo Credit}

And we wonder.

"God, why did you let this happen? Why didn't you step in and do something?  Why didn't you prevent this from happening in the first place?"

Moments that catch us by surprise, and then, leave us shaking our head in despair.
And yet, nothing catches God by surprise. 

Has it ever occurred to you that nothing ever occurs to God?
~ Unknown

In every moment of our life,
the fast and the slow,
the ones we have seen coming,
and the ones that slip in unexpectedly and knock us off our feet,
God is there.

Before the foundation of the world was ever put in place, God IS there.

Before the diagnosis of cancer, God IS there.

Before the divorce papers arrived in the mail, God IS there.

Before the son or daughter rebels, God IS there.

Before the accident happens, God IS there.

But, don't forget...

                    God IS also there

                                in   the   midst.

                  And, God IS there

                          in the moments and  the days and  the months after.

NO matter what may happen.

NO matter what is happening at the moment.

NO matter what has happened.

God IS there.

And, because GOD IS,
you and I can keep the faith.

Because GOD IS,
you and I can face today, and tomorrow and the day after that.

Because GOD IS,
we can sweet up the shattered pieces, place them in HIS hands, and know that God is still in control of our life.

Because GOD IS,
you and I can trust God,

No. matter. what.~

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  1. Love this!! Thanks Stacy!!

  2. What beautiful Truth! Thanks, Stacy

  3. Today your words speak so much beauty and truth, all rolled into a message that blesses! Thanks, Stacy.


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