Sunday, May 20, 2012

Growing Into Life~

It comes out of nowhere and hits you almost anywhere.

This realization that time is passing.

A birth announcement from a former student.

An invitation to an 80th birthday party for an aunt.

The graduation of a nephew.

The first time holding a great-niece. (yes! great niece!)

The wrinkles where dimples used to be and the dimples where dimples never used to be.

And you stop.

In that moment.

And you wonder.

Where has time gone?

When did this happen?

And the reminder, the sudden awareness of growing and aging and time moving by catches you by surprise.

It steals your breath.

It stops you in your tracks.

So much left to do.

So many words left to say.

So many places unvisited and people unmet.

So much living still left undone.


then again....
Flower / 花(はな)
{Photo Credit}

so much already experienced.

So many hugs given and laughs shared and tears exchanged.

So many dreams birthed and land covered and skies flown.

So many years tucked into so little time,
      so much life squished into so few years,

and the growing continues.

This growing into life,

              my life.

And, I smile.

And, thank God.

And then, I get on with living.~

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  1. Hi Stacy - I too have been doing a lot of reflecting as I get older. Urgh! But as you say one must draw out the blessings and the lessons learnt. Great reminder to reflect positively not negatively.
    God bless

  2. Stacy,
    How are you? I can relate to this. I swear I just graduated from college and I'm a newly wed...wait, what? That was 13 years ago? How did that happen? I don't feel as if the seconds are being eaten away, but then I look up and realize I have a nine-year-old.

    Praying that I keep "squishing life" (great line!) into this thing called life. Beautiful writing and good thoughts for me on this sleepy Monday.

  3. Stacy, you are not alone! Just wait until you hear the words, "You're a great-grandma!" Oh, no, will be your response. :) As I reflect back over the many, too many years, I realize how much God has given me as life -- siblings, a son, stepchildren, grandchildren and yes, great-grands too, my husband and lover, my friends nearby and online, the successes, the oopsy-daisies of life, and the laughter and joy. So many gifts -- am I worthy? I can only hope! The beat goes on . . . .:)


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