Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Sinners~

She stood beside me as we worshipped our Lord.

I didn't know her.

She didn't know me.

Together, the love in our hearts spilled out through our lips.

With arms held high, she reached for God. With eyes closed tight, she entered the throne room of Heaven.

Her shallow face, unable to hide years of heartache and sorrow, glowed with a radiance of one in His presence.

Her body, feeble and weak from years of mistreatment and abuse, stood strong and bold as she poured out her adoration.

Somehow, I felt strangely out of place; as though I was intruding on a sacred moment, a communion of two hearts. One who loved from her soul, the other the Lover of her soul.

As we sang, she cried; tears flowing from her eyes as praise flowed from her heart.

The song continued.

What's going on inside me?
I despise my own behaviour.
This only serves to confirm my suspicion
I'm still a man in need of a Saviour.*

Upon hearing these words, she reached over, grabbed my arm, shaking it with every emotion flooding through her veins and proclaimed, "This is MY song. That's me!"

The sinner in me could not longer deny this truth either. My own tears now streamed down my face as I, too, proclaimed, "This is MY song, too. That's me. That's all of us. We are ALL sinners."

She stood beside me as we worshipped our Lord.

I didn't know her.

She didn't know me.

Two different lives. Two different stories.

Two sinners.

Both in need of a Saviour.

Sign of the cross
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Two sinners.


saved by HIS grace.

(Re-posting from September 13, 2011)

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  1. Wow! So true of all of us. In need of a Savior.
    Thank you...chelle


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