Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As I sit alone in the stillness of this moment,
 I am suddenly aware that my mind is anything but still.

 Even in moments of intentional stillness,
 my thoughts are STILL racing.

One thought is zipping down Commitment Avenue,
one has me headed up Don't Forget Boulevard,
while yet another thought has already merged onto the ever-crowded Guilt Expressway.


How can I capture my thoughts and hand them over to you?

How do I gather them all in the same place long enough to quiet them and subdue them?

How can I possibly hear you?

And yet...I do.

Chaos is losing sight of that one thing
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In the midst of this chaos,

you are here, ....still~

As I meander
 through the musings
   of my mind,
    I sense your presence.

My heart listens and it hears....YOU~

Through the rambling
                               and the rubble,

I hear your still small voice.

Ever faithful, strong, and yet, oh, so very tender.

You are mine.

I am yours.


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  1. Stacy, what emotional and moving words you have brought together to let us feel and sense the stillness of being with God! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Love your wording for the maze of roads our minds travel...

    Wonderful encouragement in your words...I needed to read this today!


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