Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HIS Shoes~

My Old Shoes
{Photo Credit}
For me,

life has always been a little tight,

a little uncomfortable,

a little stiff around the edges.

Like a new pair of shoes,
I've walked many a year trying to "break" life in.

Unsure of who I was,
afraid of who I was not,
my journey of growing up was filled with blisters, that overtime, left callouses on my heart.

But then,

I started following in the footsteps of the Master.

Wallpaper material
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As I let go of insecurities and took hold of His hand,
I discovered the shoes I'd been wearing didn't fit at all.

Shoes of guilt

and shame,

and failure

and fear.

So, I traded them for HIS.

Shoes of forgiveness.

Shoes of grace.

Shoes of love.

What a difference a good pair of shoes can make.
And, I've been wearing HIS ever since!

These shoes have walked with me through heartache and grief,
through the wilderness and up on mountain peaks,
through joy and sorrow.

The journey hasn't always been easy, but the shoes....HIS shoes have never let me down.

when I put HIS shoes on,
I hardly even notice them.

For you see,
with each step taken,
I am conforming to the ways of my Father.

With each road traveled,
I am being transformed into HIS image.

With each twist and turn on the path of life,
        I am discovering HIS goodness,
                             His faithfulness,
                                             HIS beauty.

And, the older I get, the more comfortable HIS fit.

As the Holy Spirit leads,
and I travel this road of faith,
these shoes,
faithful and growing older each day,
have become one of my prized possessions.

In fact,

I never leave home without them~

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  1. Wow Stacy,

    That is beautiful. May I took put on the shoes of the Master and follow in His footsteps.


  2. So beautiful Stacy.
    Powerful and true.
    I thank you for this.

  3. Beautiful. You have brighten my day.

  4. Hi Stacy - beautiful post. I love the analogy. God bless and thank you for linking this post up. Love seeing you there precious friend.

  5. Stacy - another wonderful post that touched my heart!! The Lord has truly given you a gift with words and I am so glad you share them!! Blessings!!

  6. Stacy, another WOW from you! You truly have the gift of words and sharing them. What a blessing you are to me and so many others.

  7. Walking in Jesus;s shoes keeps our feet from having blisters! Very nice the way you have wrapped this all together. I am reminded of Joel Osteen and the first Sunday he preached after his father's death. He actually stepped into his father’s shoes and wore them as he preached. He had received a lot of criticism for being so positive, but honestly he must be doing something right!

    I was able to get rid of my captchas as they discourage comments.


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