Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reckless Abandon~ {Heartprint Hallelujahs - A Friday Link Up}


while standing in line at a checkout counter,

I noticed a precious three year old girl,

who has periodically participated in children's programs at church,

waiting in the next line over.

As she twirled around on one foot,

she caught a glimpse of me.


her face lit up,

and before I could wave

or even say "hi",

she came running to me,

wrapping her arms around my legs.

It was in this moment I saw a Heartprint of God.

How it must please the ♥ of our Heavenly Father when,

twirling around,

 through the ordinary, every day events of our life,

we catch a glimpse of Him,

and instantly run into His presence~

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  1. What a sweet gift for you and how He called you closer to Him through this little girl.

  2. Having a childlike spirit is such a blessing!! It's too bad that along with wisdom and experience, most people take on a cautious and distant persona. We have so much to learn from the loving acceptance that a child shows to others.

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  3. We can learn so much for children...child-like faith is like running to God with no expectations just like the child hugged your legs.

  4. Hi Stacy - Children can really brighten our day with their innocence and inner joy and beauty. God bless sweet friend and have a great weekend

  5. Stacy - this is an awesome idea!! Blessings to you!!


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