Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Expiration Date~

While waiting in the drive thru lane at the bank this morning, I just happened to gaze down at my billfold resting on my lap. As my eyes fell on my driver's licence, I removed it from its usually spot and began scrutinizing my photo.

"WOW. I looked so young then," I thought. "Let's see. This photo must have been taken in...OH NO! What's today? March 22! EXPIRED! This license expired January 19!"

Suddenly, all my fears about growing old gracefully were replaced with new fears.

"What will they do to me?"

"Will I have to pay a fine?"

"Will they make me take my driving test all over again? Oh, I hope not. Almost 30 years later I still haven't mastered the art of parallel parking!"

I completed my banking business and headed straight for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Thankfully, my fears never materialized. No fine. No parallel parking. Just a brand new license with a brand new "older" looking photo.

As I drove away and headed to work, I gave God thanks.

Even in this, I saw the Heartprints of God.

"Lord, thank you for being so beautiful to me. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Thank you that I didn't have to pay a fine or parallel park. Most of all, Lord, thank you that your love for me never expires."

Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good.
His faithful love continues forever.

~ 1 Chronicles 16:34

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  1. What amazes me is that God is always at work behind the scenes. The problem is that many (or most) of the time we do not even recognize Him. Just think what our lives would be like without His lovingly caring for us! I'm glad it all worked out well.

  2. oops, so sorry, when i refreshed the page my link didn't come out at first so i thought i had to repeat. please delete my second link if you can. what happened to you happened to me this year too! i was supposed to renew my license and only remembered after 2 months! i was so glad i only had to pay a small charge. and yes, my picture was noticeably older too!

  3. Hmmmm...I'm there with you on the not being able to parallel park. How good our God is going before you and working out the things that concerned you.

  4. God is in even the littlest details of our life.

  5. When Jesus came into our life - there was NO expiration date - only a time when we hop over into his arma literally.

  6. Those kind of surprizes we don't like to discover our drivers license has expired. God was good to give you favor with the DMV.


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