Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Miss God's Glory~

Isn't it funny how a song can suddenly pop into your mind? From out of nowhere, you absentmindedly start humming the melody or singing the lyrics. Then, for the rest of the day, the song keeps on showing up, time and time again. This happened to me today, and I had to laugh! You will, too, when I tell you the name of the song. It was none other than......the Arky, Akry song! You know the song I'm talking about.

The Lord said to Noah:
There's gonna be a floody, floody
The Lord said to Noah:
There's gonna be a floody, floody
Get those children out of the muddy, muddy
Children of the Lord

I hear you singing along......

So Noah
He built him, he built him an arky, arky
He built him, he built him an arky, arky
Built it out of gopher barky, barky
Children of the Lord

Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Children of the Lord

Ummmmm...I wonder if this song will make another appearance in your mind today?

I have to admit as a child, I never really understood how the chorus fit into this song about Noah. Now, I get it.

God asked Noah to rise and shine and give Him glory, and Noah did just that. He rose to the occasion -building a boat - (where there was no water) - for an upcoming flood -(when until now, no one had even had reason to break out their umbrellas!)

He shined his life of faith for all to see, yet sadly, those watching him day after day, totally missed the boat. All they saw was the arky, arky and the gopher barky, barky! They never saw God's glory! They even saw the elephants and kangaroosies, roosies, but they never saw God's glory! God was actively working in their lives, through the obedience of His faithful servant Noah, and they never saw Him.

Not a day goes by that God is not actively at work in your life and mine. Long before we ever even know we have need of something, God is already on the job, planning, constructing and building. He alone sees the end from the beginning. All He asks us to do is to see Him. After all, it wasn't the ark that saved Noah and his family, it was God's hand of protection. Noah and crew found themselves in the grip of God's grace. Isn't that where you and I long to be, too?

God's Glory Ormond Beach, FL
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When you look at your life, what do you see?

 Do you see circumstances that are hard to understand....(a boat? Here?)

Do you question all that God is telling you....(a flood? Are you kidding me?)

Are you in jeopardy of missing the boat?

How we need to focus on His glory.

But how? How do we look beyond what is in front of us to see God's glory?
By looking into the face of Jesus.

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:6)

The answer is Jesus.

The word became flesh and dwelt among us. Through His life, death and resurrection we have seen the glory of God. You and I have experienced His all consuming, stop at nothing short of death, love for us. How can we not expect God's glory to show up in every single moment of our life?

By keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, through eyes of faith, we will see the glory of God at work in our life. Maybe He is building an ark in a dry and barren place in your life right now. Don't be afraid to heed His call, and climb aboard. When you do, like Noah, you will find yourself in the grip of His grace, mercy and love. I can't think of anyplace I would rather be, can you?

Through the life-giving death of Jesus, God is now dipping the pen of His grace, into the blood of His Son and writing our life story. We can believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in the end, everything will be fine and dandy dandy. We can trust God with our lives. We can rise and shine and give Him the glory, all the while resting in the beautiful truth that our life story IS and always WILL BE hunkey, dorey dorey!

Let's not miss the boat.

Let's not miss God's glory!

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  1. Oh, Stacy, so beautifully written! My eyes have teared up, but I'm still singing about the Arky Arky. :) And probably will all night long.


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