Thursday, March 15, 2012


Our sweet little Sally settles her furry self down,
her chin on paws that rest on my foot.
I reach down to stroke her back,
and before I even touch her,
she has comforted me.
I feel it in my heart,

A precious little girl in our church nursery lifts her tiny little arms,
her precious blue eyes reaching all the way to my heart.
I reach down, scoop her up,
and before I can even place her on my hip,
she has kissed me.
I feel it in my heart,

My "handy in the kitchen" husband  hands me a plate,
filled with my favorites, sprinkled generously with love.
I reach for my fork, scoop up the first bite,
and before I even have a taste,
he has nourished me.
I feel it in my heart,

I offer up my hands,
used by God to speak His words to my world.
I reach for His Word,
and before I begin to place fingers on keyboard,
He has instructed me.
I feel it in my heart,

So thankful for a God who delights in delighting me with His Heartprints of love~

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  1. Hi Stacy - those delightful moments are precious.
    God bless and have a great weekend

  2. God tries to delight us everyday...we need to be on the look out for it!

  3. Small things yes, but large enough to bring us delight! God is like that with His surprizes.


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