Friday, February 3, 2012

To Know Him~ Day 1 {Captivated}

His statement stopped me right in my Facebook tracks.

 I read it once. 

Then, read it twice. 

Over and over, I read the words staring back at me.

Even though they were written by a person I barely know, the One I do know, wouldn't let me simply pass right over them and move on. Jim* and I are Facebook friends only because his mother and I share a friendship, even now, almost twenty-five years later, almost an entire country separating us. Jim was barely two years old when I traded the Great Lakes for the Southwest.

Usually, I read his Facebook status and then keep on going, never stopping to comment. Not this time. This statement pulled me right back into Jim's life. 

JIM: God is not necessary for a coherent world view and whether or not God truly exists does not affect how you live your life. So stop arguing about it.

ME: Knowing God exists makes ALL the difference in how I live my life.

JIM: If you were mistaken about God's existence would it change how you lived?

ME: It would change how I spend my days (as a Children's pastor), how I spend my time (reading God's word, writing about His love and grace), how I live my life, (all for and with God in mind) and most of all it would change the JOY and the HOPE that I have in my ♥ ..all of this is what makes my life worth living.

JIM: You're making the assumption anyone would be aware of the difference.

ME: I'm not making an assumption. I can only speak about what I know.
For me, I KNOW God is real, and I KNOW the difference He makes in my life.

JIM: And all I'm saying is that if you only thought God was real and there was no way of telling     nothing would Change

ME: I think the most important question of all is this: what if I didn't think God was real and it turned out He was?

JIM: Thought you knew*

ME: I do know.....but what if I didn't?  :(    Do you?

     to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence

     to capture

My conversation with Jim dropped me to my knees.

Lord, pour out your Spirit on Jim. 
Reveal yourself to him. 
Open the eyes of His heart that he might see you, really see you,
for who you are,
a living God.  A real God. 
A God who loves him more than he could ever know or imagine. 
Capture his heart, Lord,
the way you have captured mine. 
In Jesus' precious name, Amen~

Lost in Love
{Photo Credit}
       It was then that I knew.

I was captivated.....

           captivated by God's love~

* not his real name


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