Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As I walked toward our sliding glass door, Sally, our precious canine companion who had been sunning herself in the yard, saw me and made a beeline for the porch. Tail waging and eyes fixed on me, it was obvious she couldn't wait for me to slide back the glass separating us so she could say hello to whip right past me on the way to her dinner bowl.


I understand her excitement.  Sadly, food almost has the same effect on me.  But sometimes, I wish it was me, not my hand that feeds her, that made her tail wag.

Yesterday morning as I opened the door, she nearly bowled me over as she raced to see if any morsels of food had graced her dish while she was outside. As I jumped out of her way, the Lord spoke oh, so softly to my heart.


You see, Sally isn't the only one who rushes by her Master on the way to nourishment.  I do, too.

So often, when I meet with the Lord, I say a quick prayer, then rush right into His Word.   I can't wait to feed my soul with the counsel and promises found in His Word.

And while this is a good thing, I often breeze right past my precious Heavenly Father on the way to my daily bread.

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Linger, my child.

When I see you drawing near, my heart fills with joy. I look forward to our time together each day. I'm so delighted you crave my Word - seeking to learn more of me by feeding on the scriptures, but sometimes, precious one, I wish you would linger with me for awhile.

linger *:
- to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave
- to dwell in contemplation, thought, or enjoyment
- delay; dawdle

As I watch precious Sally munching away on her "Kibbles and Bits" dog food, I understand. Feasting on God's Word, as vital to my spiritual life as this is, is not enough.  It is simply one facet of my relationship with God.

God longs for you and I

    to slow down and seek His face,

             to dawdle awhile and revel in His company,

                      to linger and bask in His presence.

When was the last time you lingered with your Lord?

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”
And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.”

~ Psalm 27:8, NLT

* Dicionary.com

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  1. Wow, this touches home for me. I should "linger" in God's presence but instead it seems like I rush through that special time with the lover of my soul. Thanks for reminding me to cherish those moments! www.questofthenocturnalbaker.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Stacy - what a great analogy. I have 4 labradors and 2 sausage dogs and they all dive past me for the food too. God is so patient with us. I too should strive to linger more on His word. Been thinking about waking up an hour earlier! This might be confirmation
    God bless and thank you for linking up :)

  3. Really great post! I want to slow down more often and linger in His presence.

    P.S. So glad I found you today. I tried to "follow" but not sure if it worked.

  4. great analogy! yes...I would love to linger in His presence...I know he is just waiting silently for me...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Catholics believe Jesus is present, body, soul, and divinity in the Eucharist...so we have an opportunity to bathe in His presence in Adoration...a wonderful blessing!

  5. What a beautiful word... linger. God is so patient with us, isn't He? I'm going to soak in this word for some time, now. Thank you.

  6. had to giggle, as a dog owner I know just the beeline in which you speak...and that picture, it describes linger so well, as do you.

  7. loved this whole thing- all the word pictures dancing in my mind! Thanks for such a good word today! That scripture at the end is one I hold dear...

  8. It's hard sometimes in the busyness to linger isn't it. Going to challenge myself this week with this. Thanks for your writing.



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