Friday, January 13, 2012

Awakened to HIS Dream~

Comfy and cozy wrapped in excuses and "I can'ts", I am being nudged awake.

As the Spirit moves within me, I roll over and try to go back to sleep.

But the Spirit persists.

As I feel the covers being gently pulled back, I reach to take hold of  them and snuggle beneath their warmth and security for a few minutes more.

As the blinds are opened and the SON shines in, I turn away and close my eyes all the tighter.

But the Spirit persists.

And I feel my spirit arousing.

Wiping the sleepies from my eyes,

I see His hand,



Sitting up, and stretching my spirit heavenward, I begin to feel it...

Day 123/365.v2
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His calling,

His plan,

His dream for my life,

A dream that can only be lived,

wide awake.

Throwing back all that has long held me back,

I take the hand of my Heavenly Father and leave comfort and familiar behind.

My destiny awaits.

His dream is calling.


I am awake~

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  1. aaammmeennn! beautiful!!!!!

    {the Lord talks to me all the time when i'm just waking up! :}

  2. Beautiful sentiments and beautifully written! I can relate...I wrote something similar. Its a bit scary to go outside the boundaries that are so well-known but I know with His Grace we can do anything!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. This past week we had the moon setting glow bathing its light across our bed... waking up meant seeing this amazing glow across my husbands form beside me accentuating his peaceful sleepy look. Waking up to this was delightful!

    enjoyed your post...
    the SON shines in
    the Spirit persists
    His dream is calling...


    I am awake


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