Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful for the Cracks~

If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives.   
2 Corinthians 4:7, The Message


My name is Stacy and I'm a cracked pot.

I'm a broken vessel.

No more hiding behind glue and pretty wrapping.  I have finally canceled my membership at "Perfectionists are Us" and have officially joined the "Unadorned Clay Pots Club". Which by way, has turned out to be a perfect fit.

You see, I have defects, flaws, and cracks.  And, I have a feeling, you do, too.  And maybe like me, you have spent most of your time, energy and effort trying to "hold it all together".

Exhausting, isn't it?

Frustrating, right?

Impossible, yes?

And yet, we try.  For some reason we are afraid to let go and to come undone.

So, we hold on.  We apply more glue.  We push this against that and we tighten our grip.

And then, life hits us again.







We feel the stretch, we feel the pull, we feel our self coming unraveled. 

And, we crack.

And, we break.

We become broken. 

Aaaah....but it is here in this place of brokenness that our imperfections, our hurts, our shortcomings, and our sorrows are lovingly scooped up and used by God.

It is in this place of  brokenness that we can be transformed from broken people into broken vessels fit for the Master's use.

It is in our brokenness that Christ is able to shine out of us,
out of earthen vessels.

Candle light
{Photo Credit}
Through the cracks,
others see His forgiveness.

Through the cracks,
others see His mercy. 

Through the cracks,
others see His redemption.

Through the cracks,
others see His love.

Through the cracks, others seeGod, shining out through our brokenness.

It is in and through

our defects,

our flaws,

our suffering,

our humanness,

that others can see

His perfection,

His forgiveness,

His healing,

His divinity.

I am so thankful for my cracks.  For they enable Christ to shine out through me.

Heavenly Father,
What a loving, gracious and kind Father you are.  Despite our shortcoming, despite our failures, in the midst of heartache and pain, your love still shines faithful and bright.  You are all good, all the time.  Help us to surrender the hold we have on our life.  Help us to be willing to come undone, to become broken vessels, so that you can shine bright in our life.  Help us through the trials, the pain, the defeat, the disappointment to allow you to transform us into vessels of honor to be used by you.
In Jesus' precious name, Amen~

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  1. Hi Stacy - this is really good. I love the bit where you say "and We apply more glue". Its so true. I think I have more glue than cracks!!! I too am a cracked pot and letting God's light shine through those cracks is what I want to do.
    God bless

  2. I started laughing to begin with because I have thought this very thing! I'm Stacy and I'm a cracked pot!

    But this post really moves me. I love the idea of Christ shining through the cracks, through the brokenness. I think I'll start trying to be more grateful for them.

  3. we are all beat up - there is the beauty

  4. from broken people to broken vessels...my what a world of difference...nice piece today...uplifting...

  5. You are so right, our cracks connect us into the Larger, the Divine. In our perfections we remain alone, without need. Thanks for the reminder Stacy, I needed it this morning.

  6. I am a cracked pot too...and I love "it is in our brokenness that is able to shine through us...
    Blessings from one cracked pot to another:)

  7. "It is in and through our defects, our flaws, our suffering, our humanness, that others can see His perfection, His forgiveness, His healing, His divinity." I needed to be reminded of this truth this morning... thanks for sharing Stacy!

  8. I laughed and laughed, while I tried not to. Brokenness is not funny, of course, but when we are broken, there's a chance of being put together in a whole new way...

  9. Hi Stacy - thank you for linking up with me today. I really appreciate it. :)
    God bless

  10. i love this stacy. it reminds me of the leonard cohen quote, there is a crack in everything--that's how the light gets in. :)

  11. hey! I LOVE your cracks!
    His blessed love shines through!

  12. We are all cracked pots in need of forgiveness! But it's nice being in the company of women who accept their brokenness and are willing to be vulnerable! Patsy from

  13. Thanks for this and thanks for the prayer at the end. I really dug the line, "You are all good, all the time."

    I will share this post with friends.

  14. Oh ah... you've got it right. All we need to do is look at Jesus's 12 best friends. Cool picture...

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