Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday "In MY Life" Link Up~

Happy Saturday and welcome to "Heartprints of God In MY Life" Saturday Link Up!

Every day, God graces my life with His presence, leaving behind Heartprints of His love. I'm sure He is faithful to leave Heartprints  behind in your life as well.  This link up is designed to be a place where we can come together at the end of each week on Saturday and share our Heartprints of God with each other.

Here's how it works:

Copy these "starters" into your post each Saturday.

I felt God's touch when...

I saw God's love when...

I heard God's leading when...

I tasted God's goodness when...

I experienced God's power when...

Then, share how you witnessed Heartprints of God in your life during the past week. Please feel free to write on any or all of these prompts.

Then, add the "Heartprints of God in MY Life" button (found in the right sidebar) to your post so others can be directed to the link up page and discover posts filled to overflowing with personal accounts of God's faithfulness.

Link up. Please make sure you link to the specific post you are wanting to share, not your blog in general. (If you don't blog, you can still share God's heartprints in your life by simply stopping by each Saturday and leaving a comment about your God's sightings.) The link will "open" each Friday night at 8:00 MST,(God willing).This week I had "technical difficulties" so I re-posted this mid-day today. Hopefully, next week will go smoother.

Then, be inspired, encouraged, refreshed and revived in your faith as you visit the sites of those linked up.

OK! Ready to start giving God praise and telling others about God's faithfulness and presence in our life this past week?

Me, too!


I felt God's touch when...I was sitting out in our backyard writing last Monday.  I had the day off and the weather was simply gorgeous.  As I sat watching butterflies waltzing in the air and turtles meandering through the grass, I was suddenly aware of a gentle breeze upon my face.  I lifted my face up in the direction of the sky and immediately felt the warmth of the sun, and the warmth and nearness of my Saviour.  I know on this earth, nothing is perfect, but this day, this moment, was pretty close.

I saw God's love when...last week at church, a shy little girl, spontaneously came running up to me, wrapping her arms around my leg, and hugging me with everything she had. A hug always feels wonderful and brings with it a cozy, warm fuzzy feeling, but this hug meant even more. That particular morning I was feeling blue and weepy. This hug felt like a special hug from God. Instantly, my heart smiled and the rest of me followed suite. Aren't children and the Lord amazing?!

I heard God's leading when...I decided to pick up the phone and call a friend.  Actually, she was more of an acquaintance.  We see each other at church and say "hello" and talk about the weather.  This day, however, God put her on my heart, so I dialed her number.  We spoke for over an hour.  She opened her heart and shared about various trials going on in her life.  I heard the Lord giving me words of hope, words of encouragement, words of promise to share with her.  When we said goodbye, we were now more than friends, we were sisters in the Lord.

I tasted God's goodness when...just today I hopped onto Facebook to see if my sister had made it safely to New York City.  She and her husband are going on a week long trip...just the two of them...and their first stop was the Big Apple.  Seeing as how I am her big sister, there is just something in me that worries wonders about her safety and her whereabouts.  I had been praying for her all day, including right before checking Facebook.  "Lord, you know my heart is worried wondering about Laura, can you please let there be a status update from her?"  After logging in, the first status that greeted my eyes was this photo and caption:

{Time Square, Baby!}

I experienced God's power when...I was having one of "those days" Thursday.  It was one of those days where patience is in short supply and biting your tongue is in high demand.  But, praise God, despite all the little bitty, teeny tiny things that kept getting under my skin and found me wanting to snap something or someone like a twig, I didn't.  Each time I felt the urge to snap back or lose control, my spirit yelled, "HELP ME, LORD!" and He did.  His power came to my rescue and when I couldn't hold my tongue, He did.

I saw Heartprints of God sprinkled all throughout my week. These are just a few.  I can't wait to see how and where God left Heartprints in YOUR life this past week.


  1. That was great ;) I just finished my heartprint. So refreshing ;)

  2. Beautiful heartprints, Stacy! I definitely want to link up one Saturday. It's a great way to remember all the blessings during the week.

  3. This is a terrific idea. I'll have to try it. Thank you for so honestly sharing your life and your blessings with us. We are blessed because of it. :) <>< Pam


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