Friday, October 21, 2011

In MY Life~

Where did I see Heartprints of God in my life this past week?

Glad you asked.

I saw God's love when...I was sitting in church last weekend.  Seated several rows in front of me were an elderly gentleman, his son-in-law and their unwanted, unwelcome companion, Alzheimer. Although, if you would have been the one in my place, taking this all in, you would never have noticed the disease sharing their pew and their lives.  With such patience and tenderness, they each, in their own precious way, personified God's love.  I watched as the son-in-law gently rubbed the back of this man trapped in a body that he himself probably no longer recognized.  I looked on as the father-in-law smiled tenderly as this "stranger" rubbing his back and then grasped this young hand, held it tight, and kissed it, an expression of the thanksgiving in his heart. I saw God's love right before my eyes, and it brought tears to my own.

I felt God's touch when...yesterday morning, a migraine, instead of my alarm clock, woke me from dreams and peaceful slumber.  As I sat in the quiet of our living room, I prayed for God to touch me, to ease the pain, to take away this headache.  Little by little, touch by touch, as the morning ticked by, my pain lessened and God enabled me to do what I needed to do and be who I needed to be.  Along with relief from the pain, I felt a peace flood by soul, and strength run strong through my veins.   Aaaahhh...the touch of God.

I heard God's leading when...I was driving to work Tuesday morning.  As I headed out on my normal route, I suddenly felt impressed to take a side-street that I usually by-pass, but (and I hate to admit it) as usual, I drove right on by the side-street.  As I did,  I felt so strongly impressed that I should take that street, I made a U-turn, and took the road less traveled. No, I didn't find out later that I was spared from danger on my normal route.  No, nothing significant happened as I ventured down the little side street.  And yet, I know God led me that way.  Maybe, one day in Heaven the reason will be revealed to me.  Or maybe, this was just God's way of fine tuning the ears of my heart to listen for, hear and obey His still small voice.

I tasted God's goodness when...last Saturday, my husband and I headed to the nearby mountains to take in all the glory and beauty of Fall.  Leaves, spent and near the end of their time, shone radiant in shades of amber, maroon, and orange.  Soon, they will fall to the ground, lost to winter, lost to the end of their season, and yet in the end, in this culmination, there is so much beauty, so much brilliance, so much life.  Only God, in his goodness, could celebrate a life (and a leaf) lived... in such glorious fashion. It reminded me of a quote I heard once: "You can't hide your true colours as you approach the autumn of your life." (Author Unknown)  May we live radiantly, our lives showcasing the beauty of God each and every day.  May He become the colours of who we are.

I experienced God's power when...a family in our church felt the sting of death, the bitter cold of winter that arrived too soon.  A husband, dad, brother, teacher.....gone in an instant, totally unexpected, totally unplanned, totally not what they ever could have dreamed Monday held in store for them, but their reality, nonetheless. Miraculously, through HIS power, these loved ones left behind to mourn and come to terms with this sudden separation, have been able to walk through this valley, finding comfort and strength to face the "new" that is now their life. In their faith I experienced God's power in a new, real, sustaining way.

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  1. Hi Stacy:

    Beautiful post. I like what you said about the u-turn. I have often tried to find "reasons" for those little nudges, but in reality it could be jus that God is teaching me to listen and training me to be aware of His voice.

    Many blessings to you!


  2. your answers are great and I found them encouraging. Thanks.

  3. Yet another awesome post Stacy :) This week was kinda hectic for me so I wasn't able to link up OR get what I wanted to do done, so I'm a little beyond frustrated right now, but maybe I'll make onee later tonight. In any case, I wanted to be sure you knew I hadn't forgotten and I willbe back :)

  4. I think we will see many heart prints in every day life if we are attuned to God and to His leading. Thank you for sharing your heart and your experiences.

  5. What a lovely post and idea! I will be praying for the family who lost their husband/father. I have to admit that kind of loss always makes me squirm and my heart ache. Nothing any of us ever want to experience. Thank you for sharing so sweetly!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  6. It is so encouraging to look back over our week and actually note those ways we sensed His presence. He is alive in US! How awesome is that and that He wants to shine through us and touch others.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of your week by your sharing.


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