Monday, October 3, 2011

Bet You Didn't Know~

Remember when you were little (or maybe just recently if you have children) and you enjoyed a fun game of tag?

you can't catch me now
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 Well, my friend Tracy, author of My Daily Walk In His Grace "tagged me".  In this game, once you're it, you get to share 10 things about yourself.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?!  So, here goes.  Ten things you might not know about me.

1.  When I was in elementary school I made it to the regional spelling bee. My first word...jackpot. Simple enough.  But alas, when I opened my mouth to speak,  I accidentally said "g" instead of "j".  Needless to say I didn't hit the jackpot that day and sadly, I was eliminated in the very first round.

 2.  In my humble opinion, a mug filled to the brim with chai tea makes everything better. (If only I would have known this in elementary school.)

3. I don't know how to swim. Yes, it's true.

4.  I am the Queen of indecision.  And, oddly enough, the tinier the matter to be decided, the harder the decision.  Just ask my sister about the time I was trying to decide which potholders to buy for my kitchen. She still breaks into a sweat simply thinking about it.

5. I'm a crybaby.  It doesn't take much to move my heart to tears.

6. Chocolate is ok, but chips and salsa are where it's at!

7.  I LOVE the smell of rain and cannot even begin to find words to tell you how much I revel in the beauty of Autumn.

8.  I have long fingers, just like my Father and dimples when I smile, just like my Mother.

9.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Romans 12:21:
                     Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.

10.  When I'm home alone, and nobody is watching, I love turning up the music and dancing all around my house. (but shhhhh....don't tell anyone...that's our secret.)

Now, YOU'RE it. 

If you'd love to join in on the fun, simply leave a comment sharing some fun facts about you.

Aren't you thankful God made us all so unique?!  Me, too. 

And, aren't you glad God blessed us with friends?!  Me, too.  Thank you, Tracy, for this fun game of tag. 


  1. Hi Stacy - its great to learn these things about you, so agree on the tea thing! and love the verse. Glad you played along.
    God bless

  2. I love finding out others do some of the same crazy things I do. You and I can dance around the house together!

  3. Fun getting to "know" you! I love what you shared!

    I just finished your A Little About Me page...your words really resonate with me.

    I'm wiping mascara stained tears off my face with the backs of my hands and trying to type! Thanks! ( "

  4. love your answers! i love chips and salsa and the smell of rain too :)


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