Friday, September 30, 2011

The ONE~

I never knew what alone felt like until one hot August day.

Standing on the sidewalk leading to my college dorm, away from all that was familiar and smack dab into all that was foreign, I knew.

My parents had made the long trip with me. Mile after mile, hour after hour we traveled until we arrived at the next chapter of my life.

What seemed to take forever to pack was unloaded in minutes.

Now, my parents were leaving.

As I stood on that sidewalk, watching my parents drive away, tears fell without reservation. But then, through blurry eyes I saw the red of brake lights. The truck headed to the side of the road and stopped.

Moments later my father stepped out of the truck and began walking toward me. As he did, I walked to meet him, happy for one more moment together.

As we met, he took my hand in his and said, "One friend, Stacy. All you have to do is make you one friend and everything will be fine. One friend. That's all you need, darlin."

He smiled a smile that was bittersweet, then, he turned and walked back to the truck. This time,  I watched the brake lights disappear into the distance.

My father's words, however, stayed with me.

And as usual, Daddy knew best. One friend later, "everything was fine.".

One friend made all the difference.

Now, years later, I remember His words, and I smile.

You see, Daddy's darlin' has found the ONE friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

His little girl has found the ONE friend who loves her enough to die for her.

I've found THE ONE and everything is fine.

Yes...Daddy knew best.

This ONE friend,


is all I need.

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  1. Hi Stacy - amen, what a beautiful post and what a wise Dad you have.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend.
    God bless

  2. Amen! Our One Friend who satisfies every need, every longing. Who fills our hearts with His joy, His peace, His Presence.
    Beautiful, Stacy. So beautiful.

  3. That was such a sweet story about daddy that I never knew. It brought tears to me eyes. Thanks for using daddy's wise words to not only bless others, but bless me. <3

  4. What a beautiful story about a wise and loving dad, and about truly the Best Friend, one could ever have: Jesus! Thanks for blessing me with your story!

  5. BAM!! Way to hit me in the face witht that one :)I was just lamenting my friendship woes over at my blog and now I come over and read yours :)Thanks for that refresher. I think I needed that dose of Jesus ;)This is why i love your blog! You just have a way of hitting me (gently) with Jesus and tesching me to relearn to stare at him


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