Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sitting at His Feet~

Right now, as I sit on my patio writing this, dishes stacked neatly in my kitchen sink are waiting to be washed. Nearby, towels nestled together in a laundry basket are waiting to be folded and placed neatly in the linen closet. And, throughout my home, carpet is waiting for its weekly massage via our vacuum cleaner.

But, it is dusk.

The sun has slipped below the horizon and all is still.

This is the time I have set apart each day to meet with Jesus and…


So tonight, I have chosen to be a Mary in a Martha kind of world. It’s not easy. The dishes scream for my attention. The towels tease me and mock my decision. The carpet stares at me through the sliding glass door.

But tonight, I have chosen the “one thing worth being concerned about”.

The Lord draws near and I am drawn to Him.

He speaks and I listen.

I speak and He listens.

Holy communion.

His heart and mine.

Blessed togetherness.

What an honor to sit at His feet.

The darkness, unaware of this holy moment, is beginning to encroach on our time together. Soon, I must head back indoors and tackle the Martha responsibilities waiting for me. But, when I do, I won’t go alone. God will be there with me. As I wash the dishes, fold the laundry and vacuum. As I go about the day-to-day ”chores” of life, the sweet presence of His Spirit will continue to abide with me – until tomorrow evening, at dusk, on my patio, when we will meet together, once again, just my Lord and me.

Heavenly Father, It’s me, Martha. How I long to sit at your feet, learning of your ways and basking in your presence. Yet, the guilt of leaving things undone often keeps me chasing contentment and fulfillment in completed tasks and the approval of others. You long to free me from this rat race, inviting me to come away and spend time with you; an offer I can’t refuse, and yet often do. Give me a heart like Mary, a heart that seeks you above all things, a heart that drops everything and communes with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen~


  1. Stacy, I could have written this myself. Well, not as well as you, but the sentiment would have been the same. I too struggle with being a Martha when I want to be Mary. Glad to know that Jesus is working in both of our hearts, helping us to follow after the one good thing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last night.

  2. Hi Stacy - as I was reading this I just had such a sense of peace. I'm more Martha than Mary and I really think its time to start being more Mary, so that the Martha moments can be lived with more peace. Great post Stacy
    God bless

  3. I am more of a Martha as well and I have to MAKE myself sit...then concentrate. Yet, He always meets me and blesses me when I choose HIM

  4. I am soo guilty of being a Martha. I am still struggling to be a Mary in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.

  5. And what a beautiful meeting you share here! It is not easy, is it? So many things call our name. Bless you for attending to the ONE thing that matters. I really enjoyed my visit here tonight. I'm so glad you linked up to Playdates this week.


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