Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In The Waiting~

Have you ever been in God's waiting room?

You prayed for an answer.


You prayed for God to move.


You prayed for God to open doors.



It's not easy.

God IS faithful, we know this to be true.





Why does God sometimes choose to delay?

Why do we have to wait?

Could it be

- in the waiting -

we discover if WE are faithful?

Will we wait

UNTIL the answer comes,

UNTIL God moves,

UNTIL the door opens?

Will we persevere in prayer?

Waiting for Grownups

Maybe God is waiting to see~

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits,
And in His word I do hope. ~ Psalm 130:5

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  1. Lovely!! In a season of perseverance!! I love running so I kinda understand what GOd means by persevering...but it doesn't make it any easier to put into action! Thanks for this beautiful post ;)

  2. Oh Stacy. So interesting that we both posted on waiting in prayer. Thank you so much for the quote from E M Bounds. He also said, "If you awake in the night and are unable to sleep; it is because God wants you to pray." I try to pray at night when I awake.
    We do just have to wait on God, persevering in prayer.

  3. Hi Stacy - this is really really good. Short and to the point. I agree that sometimes God makes us wait to strengthen our faith. Its in the waiting that we grow. Great post
    God bless

  4. Lovely, powerful post! Love that picture too!

  5. I hate waiting for any reason so the times I'm waiting on God seems eternal. Thank you for bringing this truth clear to me -- that God wants to know that we will remain faithful.

  6. Waiting is never a fun process, but it is during the waiting that we are given the opportunity to make wise choices.

    Sweet picture of the little boy in the road.

  7. Yes! It's in the waiting that our faith grows as we rely on Him and not ourselves. Great questions!

  8. Wonderful! And the second reminder from God today to WAIT. Thank you. Blessings :)


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