Sunday, July 31, 2011

Say So!

No sermon. No usual church formalities. This weekend was "Camp Day" at church. The only voices heard were those of children re-living their experiences at different church sponsored camps held over the summer.

Decked out in their camp T-shirts, the children reminisced about sleeping in bunk beds, hiking mountain trails, casting a fishing line, tackling the challenge course, making new friends, dodging rain drops, and worshipping God. As they spoke, photos of their adventure brought their memories to life once again.

And...with each story shared...excitement and enthusiasm grew!

It was almost as if the children were back at camp again. As the morning went on, shy voices became bold. Stories lengthened and included more and more details. And everywhere, eyes twinkled and lips smiled.

It was obvious by the oohs and aahs (and occasional chuckle) from the congregation that the enthusiasm of these campers was contagious. Grandmas and grandpas, neighbors and friends, pastors and deacons. They all "got it". The entire church became caught up in the moment, in the celebration, in the experience. It was truly amazing to witness.

As the service ended, however, you could begin to feel the let down. The same let down that we felt the day it was time to leave the camp and come down off the mountain.

The moment was over....or was it?

As everyone filed out of church, I found myself surrounded by enthusiastic onlookers who now wanted to know how THEY could be involved next summer. Some mentioned they would try to get time off from work to be camp counselors. Some shared names of children who "need to be there next year". Elderly members of our church family offered to provide "campership" money to ensure no one would be left behind.

As I witnessed the status of the "pew sitters" change from onlooker to participant, I couldn't help think about the "power to change" we have in our own personal testimony.

When was the last time you shared your testimony?

It doesn't matter if your earliest memory is singing Jesus Loves Me or if the fact that Jesus loves you now has you making brand new memories. We each have a story. We have something to share. God has touched each of us and we have something to say. we?

As I added the question mark to that last sentence, my husband came running in from our front yard. Moments before, He had been sitting outside enjoying an amazing light show over the mountains that stand tall and proud to our East. As several lightening strikes lit up the sky, my husband noticed a small, than a larger glow of orange. FIRE! I ran outside to see this sometimes horrific, yet absolutely normal occurrence in nature.

One spark.

One lightening strike.


Remember the old camp favorite, Pass It On?

It only takes a spark to get a fire going
And soon all those around, can warm up in glowing
That’s how it is with God’s love
Once you’ve experienced it, you spread His love to everyone
You want to pass it on

Your testimony, your words of God's faithfulness in your life, your experience with the King of Kings is the spark that the Holy Spirit can use to start a holy-fire in the heart of someone "who needs to know". By proclaiming God's transforming power through your own life experience others can begin to experience God's transforming power in their life.

The spark you light can turn onlookers into participants; hearers into doers, sinners into saints; grace-less people into graceFULL.

But....we've got to open our mouth and speak. We have to be willing to open our lives and share our HIS-story.







what do you have to say?

The world is listening.

The world is waiting.

Go on....

go out and light your world~

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  1. What an exciting and encouraging post! The Holy Spirit just flows through your's so contagious!

    So glad you linked up to SDG! Hope to see more of you!

  2. Stacy...I am so glad you linked up on Jen's blog! I pray that more people will find their way over here. Your words (His words) are too powerful and encouraging not to be shared. I am always encouraged and inspired after spending some time at your thankful for you.

    Thankful that you are sharing your spark, your lightening strike...I know it will start many fires.

    And isn't camp wonderful? :)


  3. What a great way to honor the kids and the workers . . . to have the whole service to tell about camp.

    But the song . . . "Pass it ON" . . . I have always hated it. :-)Maybe it is because we sang it a million times. :-)



  4. Stacy,
    Glad you linked-up today...I was encouraged by reading this and remembering yes, we do all have a story to share.

  5. What a powerful post! I love the lesson the Lord gave you right in the middle of writing it too. Loved how your worded this, "The spark you light can turn onlookers into participants; hearers into doers, sinners into saints; grace-less people into graceFULL." Nice.

  6. Great enthusiasm in this Stacy! Great encouragement too! I loved your use of an old favorite, Pass It On, and the picture you painted of the fire on the mountain. Wanting to be a sparkler!

  7. Stacy, you had me at "It only takes a spark ... " I haven't heard that song in so many years! My father used to play it on the guitar when I was a little girl. :) Can't wait to come back and read some more!


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