Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planting Seeds of Worthiness

For the past few months, God has been speaking to my heart, over and over, about one thing:

planting seeds of worthiness

The first time this phrase captured my heart was while I was watching a short video highlighting "Little Dresses for Africa". This ministry transforms pillowcases into beautiful dresses for little girls in poverty-stricken Africa. The mission of this ministry is two-fold: providing clean clothing AND planting seeds of worthiness in the heart of each girl receiving a beautiful pillowcase dress.

planting seeds of worthiness

The phrase echoed over and over in my heart.

God was speaking.

Then, came Vacation Bible School. Months before, I had decided on the program for this year's summer extravaganza: PandaMania - Where God is Wild About You. The entire curriculum was based on Psalms 139 and was all about finding our worth in our creator.

planting seeds of worthiness

And, most recently, a week long trip to the mountains to serve as a camp counselor at a week long Christian camp for children in 5th - 7th grade. Again, the curriculum was based on finding our worth in Christ...not the world.

planting seeds of worthiness

When we begin to catch even the tiniest glimpse of who we are in Christ, chains of bondage, oppression and fear break loose.

The world is full of people who don't know who they are. Everywhere you look, people, young and old, are looking to the world for their identity, their self-worth, their value and for acceptance.





Society is reaping a harvest, but sadly, it is not the harvest of hearts where seeds of worthiness have been planted. Quite the opposite.

It is up to you and me to be the sowers of these life-changing seeds.

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, you and I have discovered not only who we are, but WHOSE we are. Our worthiness comes from our adoption into the family of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus. Our value is seen unmistakably in the dying and suffering our of Saviour. Our self-esteem comes from knowing we were created, cell by cell, tissue by tissue, by the creator of the universe and that we were created in His image. You and I look to God to find our worth, not the world, and this makes all the difference in the way we live our life, the choices we make, and the person we become.


Empty searching

Life without Christ

Hearts that were created to know their creator are crying out for something more.

planting seeds of worthiness

God is speaking.

He is calling you and I to reach others with His love.

Where do you need to plant seeds of worthiness?

Who do you know whose heart is ready to receive the Good news found in Christ?

It's time to start planting.

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