Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unwrapping the Gift~

Do not open until December 25th.
These instructions attached to any Christmas gift only serve to add to the delight of the present. The beautiful packaging of ribbons and bows do their part to bring joy to the recipient, yet the sheerest form of pleasure will be, when at last, the long awaited day arrives, and the wrapping is torn to reveal the treasure hidden inside.

The world’s greatest gift arrived with such instructions. Wrapped in swaddling clothes, the baby born in a manager that first Christmas Eve brought great joy to Joseph and Mary, the shepherds and the wise men. Yet, the time for the opening of this gift had not yet arrived. The appointed time for the revelation of this Heavenly present had nothing to do with December 25th and everything to do with Calvary.

It wasn’t until the cross, that our precious Jesus, wrapped in humanity and surrendered to the will of His Father, was torn to reveal the true treasure inside; the Messiah, in whom we find our forgiveness and our salvation.

The baby was God's gift to mankind. The cross was Jesus' gift.

His incomprehensible love for you and me held Him to the cross while the soldiers drove the nails into His flesh, ripping and tearing away His humanity. As each wound was inflicted upon His body, His blood, a ribbon of crimson, flowed from His heart straight to ours, loosening the grip of sin.

As Jesus' humanity was uncovered to reveal His true divinity, we were clothed with His righteousness in spite of our humanity. As He breathed His final breath and spoke the words, "It is finished" we were given our first breath and life that knows no end.

The baby brought anticipation, excitement and hope, but the cross....the cross brought victory!

Thank you, Jesus, for being broken and spilled out for me.

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