Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Morning, Lord~

In the quiet of the morning,
You are here.
As the moon gently sets in the West,
and the sun prepares to rise in the East,
You are here.

Lord, thank you for waking me up early this morning. Otherwise, I would have missed this spectacular start to a brand new day. You know how much I love the moon. What a gorgeous moonset! Thank you, Lord.

It's been so long since you and I have enjoyed some "alone time". So long, in fact, that I've forgotten how wonderful it is to welcome a brand new day with you. As we sit here in the stillness of the dawn, I feel so very close to you. My soul at peace. My heart as bright as the moon, radiant with your love. How much you must love me to have arranged such a special moment alone.....with me!

I wonder what this day will bring, Lord. Each day is such a gift, and yet sadly, I often take these precious moments of time for granted. When the alarm goes off I grumble that I have to get up and "face another day". *sigh* I'm so sorry, Lord.

The sun is making it's way up over the mountain and I know my time here with you is fading as quickly as the night. Oh, for a few more simply sit by your side.

What, Lord? Oh, yes! It's true! We do have more than just this moment. We have every moment of every day! Thank you for reminding me that in the hustle and the bustle of my day, you are here. You are still here.

Thank you for being ever-present in my life. Thank you for being ever-mindful of me....ME!

Thank you for this time together.

I love you, Lord.

By the way, do you think you could wake me up early tomorrow morning, too?

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