Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Awesome Truth

Today, I overheard a conversation.

"Ugh! !!!!! My hair isn't right!!!!!! It looks funny!!!!!!!".
Unrealistic words spoken by a six year old as he was headed out the door for school.

" No!!!! It looks awesome!!!!!! "
Realistic words spoken by a three year old unaware he was encouraging his brother.

The six year old smiled. Then, with his head held high, he boldly and confidently stepped out into his day.

After witnessing this, I remarked to the parents of these two amazing boys that we all need a "younger brother" in our lives. Someone who is there to speak not only words of encouragement, but more importantly, words of truth and affirmation. Someone who is in our corner, cheering us on and believing we are truly awesome.

So often our views of ourself, our abilities, our personality, or our job performance become distorted. We start to believe the words spoken by the six year old. "My (fill in the blank) isn't right!!!!! It looks funny!!!!!" Unrealistic thoughts flood our mind. We become uncomfortable with ourself and our own self-doubt begins to blind us to the truth about who we really are.

Thankfully, only child or not, there is someone in each of our lives who knows us. In fact, He knows us even better than we know ourselves. Like the three year old brother, when God hears us speak words of self-condmenation he yells, "NO!!!!! You are awesome!!!!!!. I created you with my own nail-scarred hands. I made you just the way you are for a reason. You have a definite and distinct purpose in this world and you will never be able to be like anyone else because you are you. My one and only, YOU!" Realistic words that need to penetrate the inner most part of our being.

Stop listening to the lies. Start believing and living the truth. You ARE awesome., and with your head held high, beholding your Creator, boldly and confidently step out into your life. Oh, and while you are looking upon HIS face, don't forget to look at the faces of those around you. God isn't the only one who can speak words of encouragement, you know. Share the awesome truth with someone today!

(Note: This post first appeared on Heartprints of God on February 12, 2009)

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  1. Great post, Stacy! What you said is so true...we are our own worst critic for sure. Whether self doubt, rejection, low self esteem, or whatever - we have a tendency to, at times, beat ourselves down. Crazy. We need to allow some grace for our own selves and daily reaffirm who we are in Christ. It's not about us anyway, right? Or our hair :)

    And thanks, I think you're awesome, too! :)



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