Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dishes and So Much More

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Tonight, as I headed to the kitchen to do dishes, I popped one of my favorite Out of the Grey CDs into the stereo. As I dipped my hands in the warm dish water and felt the effervescence of the tiny bubbles, I savored this moment. Here, in this simple, every day moment, I felt perfectly content and amazingly happy. I have to admit, I was surprised by this.

As the music played, I began nodding my head and before I knew it, I was singing right along with the Dente's.

So we never got to Paris
And found the cafe of our dreams
But our table holds a whole world of memories
No, we never went to Venice
And strolled the streets alone
But we built our worlds together and we got the best of both

As I sang the lyrics to this, my favorite song on the CD, I thought about my own life. Just like the young lovers in this song, I too have dreams....big dreams, lofty dreams, far away, almost seemingly out of reach dreams. I, too, would love to go to Paris and stroll the streets of Venice, and yet, standing in my kitchen, with a soapy dishcloth in hand, I realized I,too, am surrounded by a whole world of memories.

Just look at my refrigerator. It showcases all the moments I treasure in my heart. Like the photo of my sister and me at her college graduation. I was so proud to be a part of that moment, to be my sister's sister, to see her reaching this milestone in her life. Our eyes are squinty....hers from trying to see through the rain, mine from trying to see through the tears of pride and joy.

Then there's the newspaper clipping that has yellowed over the years. The person showcased is my husband; the reason for the notoriety is summed up in the caption. "My wife made me do it!" My husband, being an avid sports fan, had won the weekly "pick the winner of this weeks games" contest. I had told him he should send in his picks, and well, the rest is history. We still celebrate the one-line caption. Not because my husband won, but because, according to him, this is the same reason he said, "I do!"

As I reached into a drawer to get a dish towel, I saw my mom's love....crocheted in the potholders sharing this tiny space with the towels. They are a constant reminder of all the love, guidance and instruction she sewed into my life. There is no denying a part of her will always be living out through me. I am her daughter. She is my mother. It's a bond that knows no limit or separation.

This bond is also one that is shared by sisters, but in a way only sisters can understand. As I returned to the sink, I noticed a picture hanging proudly on our living room wall. With thread in hand, my sister lovingly created a visual reminder of the vows my husband and I exchanged almost ten years ago. Our names and the date of our union are there to testify to our commitment to each other. The gift one more reminder of her constant commitment to me, her little sister.

As my dish water turned lukewarm and I rinsed the last pan and placed it to dry, I danced! Right there in my kitchen, I danced! and I sang! and I cried! and I laughed! I pulled the stopper and as the water emptied out of the sink, I thanked God for the unexpected blessing of doing dishes. Most of all, I thanked Him for my life...a life that is and always will be overflowing with a whole world of memories!


  1. Again, as on Graceful Sisters, I have been in the moment you described! So thankful to God for MY story, and MY place in this life, this world that is not my home. I, too, have big dreams (including Paris!..doesn't every girl?..sigh.), but pray that I can dance and sing and praise even if my plane tickets never reach my hand. Let's embrace the place God has chosen for us, savor the moments that are unique to our story, and continue to share the One from Whom every good gift comes. :) And maybe, just maybe, one day....we'll find that little Cafe in Paris....

  2. I almost danced reading this. Not kidding. Thank you. Life is precious; to slow down and savor it is a special thing.

  3. This post made me cry. Beauty in the ordinary everyday. It's a tremendous gift.

  4. I, too, love those everyday moments that stun us with their beauty.

    Sweet blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving,

  5. Beautiful post. Thanksgiving for the beautifully woven and spun life God has blessed you with. Well said.


  6. I love this! I found gratitude while cleaning my toilets today. I didn't dance, but I did sing! God can use any moment in our lives to remind us of HOW MUCH we have to be thankful for! Enjoyed this :)

  7. Beautiful way to share your thankfulness! Thank you!

  8. We serve an awesome God. He has brought me through so much this year and I am so thankful for His love. Nothing is impossible with Him. My husband had a heart attack in January and had quadruple bypass surgery, was diagnosed with cancer in April, I had open heart surgery in June, my husband passed away in August and I am sitting here right now with a broken right wrist that had to have a steel plate and screws. Without God I could not have made it. God is so good to me. Jackie


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