Saturday, July 31, 2010

When Words Are Not Enough

Have you ever found yourself speechless before God?

The closer I come to God, the more I find myself struggling to find words to adequately express my gratitude, my praise, and my love for HIM. He is all too wonderful and far too beautiful to be described with mere words. The words of my mouth cannot begin to do justice to the majesty of who He is or to fully explain what He has become to me.

When I find myself lost in His glory and consumed with His love, I simply come before Him in silence and in awe.

Tonight is one of these times. As I sat down to write, I realized there were no words to capture the essence of what is in my heart. Words are simply not enough. As I searched for words, I thought of this song by Steven Curtis Chapman.

As you listen, may your own heart begin to worship. May you be drawn into the very presence of God and may you, like me, find yourself speechless in His glory.

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