Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Faith of a Child

My very first year of teaching found me at a Christian school in Wisconsin. (Did I happen to mention it was a one-room Christian school?!) My assignment - to teach eighteen students, from first grade up to the eighth grade!

It was an amazing year! I know I owe the success of my career to these vivacious, talented, awesome children. (all adults now!) These students taught me well. One lesson in particular came from a little second grade girl named Crystal.

Crystal had mixed feelings about school. She was thrilled to be part of our class, just not excited to be part of the second grade. You see, she WAS the second grade. All the other grades that I taught had at least two children...but not second grade. Crystal was the only one in this grade level.

Several weeks into the school year, Crystal came walking up to my desk with a smile as bright as she was. She had an idea and couldn't wait to share it with me. Her idea - pray God would bring another family to our school - a family who had a second grader.

From that moment on, each time we prayed, Crystal asked God for another second grader. It was obvious she wasn't concerned about if...only when and who. The more we prayed, the more excited she got.

The more excited she got, the more anxious I started to feel. I knew God was able to answer the prayer of this sweet, little heart, but would He? What if he choice not to? What would I tell Crystal?

The months passed quickly and soon we dismissed for Christmas vacation. When school resumed in January, we welcomed a new family to our class. This family had four children and it just so happened one of them was a second grader named Jamie. Did I mention Crystal's request was not only for a second grader, but for a second grader who was also a girl?! Jamie fit Crystal's prayer to a tee!

I was so excited! God had heard and answered the prayer of this little girl!!! Crystal, on the other hand, showed no emotion. She knew all along God was going to send someone and her simple response was, "Hi! My name is Crystal. I knew you were coming and I am glad you are finally here."

"You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him." ~ Teresa of Avila

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