Monday, May 24, 2010

Sculpted by a Child

"It takes a whole village to raise a child". How true this is. As adults, we most definitely have a God-given, not-to-be-taken-lightly responsibility to mold and shape future generations.

Sometimes, however, if you are lucky, your own heart is sculpted by the heart of a child.

Today I had the privilege of attending an end-of-the-year awards ceremony at a local elementary school. As I saw the children go forward to receive their awards and the proud look on the faces of the parents standing high above the crowd, camera in hand, it reminded me of another ceremony I attended a year ago last May.

This celebration was a preschool graduation; a momentous occasion to be sure! Every one was dressed in their finest attire and spirits were high. Each class had a special part in the program, from the very young two year olds to the growing-up-quick five year olds who made up the graduating class of 2009. As I watched from my seat, parents watched through their camcorders, trying to capture this never-to come-again moment in time.

The program was entitled, "Our God is SO Big!" What a delight to celebrate this truth with ones who were still so little. The children sang and danced. When they finished, there was no denying we serve a HUGE God. There was also undeniable evidence that we can learn some valuable, life changing lessons from children.

Lesson # 1:
Bring Special Attention to the Important People in Your Life by Sharing the Spotlight

Inevitably, once a child arrived up on the big stage, he or she would begin searching the sea of faces in the audience. When at last the prized person was spotted, be it their Mom, Dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle,a friend next door, or even the mailman, the proud child would wave exuberantly and in a voice loud enough for even the people on the back row to hear, say "HI!" Sometimes, the proud performer would even call out the person's name or declare with uninhibited enthusiasm, "LOOK! That's my Mommy! That's my Daddy! That's my Nana! That's my Papa!" As the audience turned their heads in the direction of the child's gaze...these two people, for one brief moment, shared the spotlight together. A room apart, but heart to heart.

Lesson # 2:
Be Proud of Who God Made You to Be!

As the three year olds took the stage, one girl in particular, took the cake! She had on a beautiful, pink, polka dot dress. As she was swinging to the beat of the song they were singing, she discovered a wonderful secret about her dress. If she swung to the left and then back again to the right with enough pizazz, the ends would flare out. It wasn't long before she had mastered this movement and went for the grand finale...a full circle! It was obvious she was thrilled with this new found skill and before long, she was spinning all across the stage. Bursting with pride and joy, she yelled out..."Look at me! Look at me! I'm boootiful!" And she was, but her dress had nothing to do with it. It was the freedom she felt, the freedom to be her and to enjoy being her, that was beautiful.

As I sat there that evening, trying to take it all in, I found myself wanting to be just like these precious little ones.

Oh to be so in love and so proud of the people in my life that, when the spotlight is on me, I direct the attention of others to them instead. Lord, help me to be ever mindful of the people you have placed in my life. Let me never forget that they are a huge reason behind why I am where I am today. Let me always give credit where credit is due and may I never be too proud, too embarrassed or too self-absorbed to share the moments of my life with the people I love. In humility and with uninhibited enthusiasm, may my life always exclaim "LOOK! That's my God!"

Oh to be so in love with who you made me to be that I showcase the beauty of your workmanship with sheer delight and reckless abandon. Your word declares I am fearfully and wonderfully made. As I swing to the beat of my life, may I daily discover the beauty you have placed in me. May I always dance and revel in your creative touch, daily embracing the uniqueness of me. As I live my life with pizazz, boldly pronouncing, "I'm beautiful!", may the beauty others see, be the freedom I have found in you.

Yes,... sometimes,... if you are lucky,...your own heart is sculpted by the heart of a child.


  1. How I wish I had gone to a Christian school! I went to one as an adult and it was so beautiful to see all of the colorful drawings and prayer to Jesus all over the walls, and to hear children praising Jesus. It just steals my heart!

    I want to shout: Look, thats my God! Its so amazing that He gives us the opportunity to say it...everyday :)

  2. Very good! We can learn so much from the little ones in our lives if we just pay attention! :) Nice to "meet" you! :)


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