Monday, February 9, 2009

A Beauty Not Its Own

This morning, as I peeked out my window to greet the day, I beheld the most magnificent sight. Expecting to see only the black of the early morning sky, I was delighted to find the darkness had been overtaken by the grandeur of the moon, and its illuminating effect on the fluffy clouds polka dotting the usually black canvas. A smile came to my face, as my eyes breathed in this spectacular sight and peace and tranquility flooded my heart. As I sat in the still of the moment, God spoke to me, leaving a heartprint.

The moon itself is not capable of radiating light or beauty. It is merely composed of dirt and rock and has no light giving power of its own. Only when it reflects the light of the sun is the darkness dispelled. Only when it reflects the light of the sun are we blessed with the breathtaking beauty I witnessed.

And so it is the same with you and me. Like the moon, we are made of dust and have no ability to shine on our own. Yet, when we align our life with that of the Creator of the Universe, we become a reflection of His love, dispelling darkness in the lives of those stumbling through a world overshadowed with grief, worry, fear and loneliness. Like the moon, we can be used by God to flood the hearts of others with His peace, tranquility and beauty.

Thank you for starting my day in such a beautiful way. As I focus on you today, may your love and your beauty shine forth from me.
In Jesus name I pray,

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